Greek Vineyards (.com) is a hub site set up in the latter part of 2020.

The objective is to give greater exposure to Greek wines, vineyards and wineries by increasing web presences.

Initially Greek Vineyards offers:-

(i) For those with already existing sites – “redirects” (eg https://greekvineyards.com/yoursite redirects to https://yoursite


(ii) For those requiring a site or wishing to enhance their own site’s web presence – “subdirectories” (eg https://greekvineyards.com/subdirectory)

Subdirectories will be set up with a WordPress installation and Socrates Theme and Plugin.


(iii) syndication of Youtube videos.

Initially the site will focus on the viniculture of Kos, Dodecanese.  Why?  Because that’s where I currently live and enjoy the wines first hand.

Also because of the encouragement I have received from one of the owners here – who has kindly allowed me to use his business to start things off……


Who is behind this initiative? A Englishman called Chris.  You can find out more about me on Facebook – where I am “kefichris“.